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Super Win Strategy

Super Win Forex Trading Strategy

Final Swing Trading System
Trend Following with Price Action

Super Win Strategy is a trend follow trading system with the support of price action. The purpose of this strategy is to trade in the direction of the trend but also with the price action filter, so the system is only suitable for high time frames. This strategy is based on many custom MT4, trend, volatility, strength indicators possibly filtered by Super Dem. It is recommended to trade strong currencies against weak ones as indicated by the strength indicator.

Strategy Setup
Time frame h1 or higher.
Currency pairs any, (including crypto, stock indices and commodities).

Trading rules
Find the currency pair

Support zones below the price,
Big arrow of envelope.
Re-enter with small up arrow.

Resistance zone above the price
Sell arrow of envelope
re-enter with small down arrow.

I recommend entering a maximum of twice in the same direction.

Exit position

Place initial stop loss below/above the envelope line zone.

Make profit when big arrow changes direction, before of the next resistance or support zone or ratio stop loss 1:1.3.

This is a winning system that provides robust signals.

Examples of trades.

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