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Primary: GOLD

Secondary: US30, NASDAQ














1. We Open Trade when there are Arrow sign and Dot sign appeared.
2. Ideally, we open trades when the price in the overbought OR oversold area
3. Always use Take Profit and Stop Loss if possible.
4. Use other confirmation from other indicators if needed (optional)
5. For low risk, open trade following the trend. (trade with the trend

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Forex Made Easy: 6 Ways To Trade The Dollar ( FREE FOREX eBOOK)

The basic theories of fundamental and technical aspects are revealed here. In addition, there are 6 secret keys to trading success that you will acquire in this book.

The first plain-English introduction to foreign currency exchange trading--one of today's hottest profit opportunities

The foreign currency market is the largest financial market in the world, and foreign exchange trading is quickly becoming one of today's most high-profile, potentially lucrative markets. One problem is that books on the topic are complex, technically dense, and difficult for Forex novices to grasp.

FOREX Made Easy is the first book to approach the topic in a detailed yet accessible style, gradually and deliberately moving from simple to complex in easy and natural language. Author James Dicks--founder of the popular trading software 4X Made Easy--draws upon his trading knowledge to give readers only the information they need, from setting up a workstation to trading electronically.

This Forex guidebook provides traders with:

  • An easy-to-follow, six-step process for FOREX trading
  • Methods for gaining an advantage using technical analysis
  • Dozens of examples to illustrate key points

Author(s): James Dicks

Pages: 239 pp

File size: 5.3 mb

Language: English

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MACD Trading Strategy - MACD Indicator for Mt4

 Everything You Need to Know About Using MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

MACD (usually pronounced Mac-Dee) stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence.

The MACD is the difference between the value of the 12 period EMA (exponential moving average) and the 26 period EMA of the asset price.

In short, the MACD indicator gives the short to medium term trend of the price action. A positive MACD value indicates upward price trend while a negative MACD value indicates a downward price trend.

There is also a histogram which measures the difference between the MACD line and the signal line. The histogram can help to assess the velocity of the upward or downward movement.

Buy & Sell Signals

Crossover Signals
Buy signal is generated when the MACD line crosses above the signal line.
Conversely, a sell signal is generated when the MACD line crosses below the signal line.

MACD Divergence Strategy

Another strategy often employed by traders using the MACD to find trading opportunities is the MACD divergence strategy.
When the MACD diverges from the price action, it can signal the end of a trend.

Bullish Divergence

Bearish Divergence

Friday, March 24, 2023


Squeeze Break Indicator

The super tool to catch trends in Forex and other markets. Compatible with all timeframes. This indicator supports alerts, so you don’t miss a single signal. Free to download, easy to install. Try now!

This indicator is designed for trading the strategy first mentioned in the book “Mastering the Trade” written by John Carter. The strategy is based on the changing volatility of any market. In both the Forex and stock markets, stages of trends alternate with stages of flatness. And in order to make money, you need to buy at the beginning of a bullish trend, sell at the beginning of a bearish trend, and hold your position until the trend persists. The Squeeze Break indicator for Metatrader 4 will help you do this. It is displayed in a window below the price chart and consists of a red-green histogram and a blue oscillator line.

The histogram shows the presence of a trend.

If there is a trend in the market, the histogram is green, if there is no trend, the histogram is red. The larger the bars in the histogram, the stronger the trend.

The blue line shows the direction of the trend. If the blue line is below zero, the trend is bearish. If the blue line is above zero, the trend is bullish.

How Is Indicator Calculated?

To show the logic behind the Squeeze Break indicator, we added the Bollinger Bands (green lines on the price chart) and the Keltner Channel (red lines on the price chart).

The point is that Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channel react with different sensitivity to increased volatility, which is typical for trends.

When the Bollinger Bands are inside the Keltner channel – the red color of the histogram indicates that there is no trend.

Accordingly, when the Bollinger Bands expand beyond the Keltner channel – the histogram signals the beginning of a trend. The greater the distance between the Bollinger Bands and the Keltner channel lines – the larger the bars on the histogram.

The blue line indicating the trend direction is nothing else but a classic Momentum technical indicator.

Buy Signals

When the histogram bar changes color to green and the blue line is above zero and pointing upward, this is a buy signal.

Hold your position as long as the trend is valid, and the blue line is above zero. In many cases, though, you might not wait until this point and realize that momentum is over. And if you decide to close the position when the histogram and the blue line make highs, it will be a reasonable action to keep your profits.

Sell Signals

When the histogram changes color to green and the blue line is below zero, this is a sell signal. Hold the position as long as the blue line is below zero and the histogram is green. It is not forbidden to close the position when signs of trend weakening are received.


The Squeeze Break indicator for Metatrader 4 helps you trade in a trend, indicating the beginning and end of a trend, as well as its direction – bullish or bearish. It doesn’t repaint.

It allows you to:

  • find trends fully automatically;
  • change settings of 3 classic indicators that are built into Squeeze Break indicator;
  • customize the display of additional information;
  • set up notifications;
  • analyze signals on history.
Be aware, the Squeeze Break indicator for Metatrader does not guarantee the best buy and sell signals ever. It tends to lag and send false signals sometimes. However, you can effectively increase the accuracy of the signals, for example, if you:

  • consider combining indicator signals with other technical analysis tools;
  • combine signals on daily chart with signals on intraday chart;
  • focus on sell signals near resistance zones and buy signals near support zones.

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Auto Draw Support and Resistance Indicator


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Trend Pullback System

  • Place Constant Range EA in experts folder
  • Place all other indicators in Experts/indicators file
  • Place the Range System template into templates folder
  • Apply Constant Range Bar EA to a 1min chart. Set Bars Range to 10 and timeframe to 2
  • Open an offline (M2) chart and apply the template.

MA_adaptive_rsi nrp shows us the trend. Only take signals in agreement with the trend.

MT4-StochasticRSI gives us the timing for entry and exit.


In uptrend enter when the StoRSI goes below 25 and then turns up (SetupBar). A green arrow will be given on the close of this bar. Immediately enter on the open of the next bar. Exit when StoRSI goes above 75 and turns down. Place initial protective stop a few pips below the low of the SetupBar bar (approx 15 pips from entry depending on slippage).

In downtrend enter when the StoRSI goes above 75 and turns down (SetupBar). A red arrow will be given on the close of this bar. Immediately enter on the open of the next bar. Exit when StoRSI goes below 25 and turns up. . Place initial protective stop a few pips above the high of the SetupBar bar (approx 15 pips from entry depending on slippage).


If after entering, the trade goes nowhere for a few bars, just exit. You will often be able to exit at breakeven or small profit…



There is a HMA (Hull Moving Average period 8) on the chart. It is not part of the arrow calculation. I have it there to potentially filter bad signals or to help with exits.


There is a New Candle Alarm indicator to tell you when a new candle is starting. This is not necessary, although it helps so you don’t have to look at the chart the whole time…


The Adaptive RSI is not on the chart but it is needed in the experts/indicators folder in order to run the MA Adaptive RSI indicator.


While you are in a trade, it is advised not to shut down and restart the Metatrader 4 platform. The arrows do not repaint live, however if you restart the platform, recalculation using historical data can very slightly change the results and thus in a rare occurrence an arrow can appear or disappear. This almost never happens but is the reason I suggest you not restart the platform while trading.

Thursday, January 19, 2023


Forex and Binary Point Reversal

Super Signal Price Action Strategy

Binary Point Reversal is a trading system suitable for binary options and forex trading it's based on polynomial reversal as filter. The trades only in the external band of channel, for confirmations I added the stochastic oscillator and a fast slope direction line with reversal dot. this strategy works in 1 min time frame for trading with binary options, but you can do it in five minutes. All time frames are valid for forex. Being a price action strategy requires practice. This strategy works well in the side markets and can also predict trends. My advice is to use it on neutral markets, so the first task is to look for side markets at 5 min or 15 min if used at 1 min for high / low binary options. Also for the forex it is worth the same speech to look for side merchandise at time frames following the one you want to use.

Time Frame 1 min or higher.

Currency pairs majors and minors, Indices and commodities.

Expiry tuime 1 min time frame 5 candles. 5 min 3 candles.


Metatrader 4 indicators

Candle Time indicator mq4.

Slope direction mq4 (5 period) very fast.

Super signal.

Trend (polynomial regression channel) period 200.

Reversal dot ( 3 zz semafor indicator mq4).

Stochastic SMA (5,3,3) close.

Trading Rules Binary Point Reversal

Call or buy

Super signal and revesal dot they form in the lower bands of the channel.

Slope white line.

Recommended stochastic crosses upwards when it is lower than 20 level.

Put or Sell

Super signal and revesal dot they form in the upper bands of the channel.

Slope red line.

Recommended stochastic crosses downwards when it is upper than 80 level.

In the pictures Binary Point Reversal in action.

Forex and Binary Point Reversal

Free Download Files

Message us here: https://www.facebook.com/214kea

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Forex LINES 100% Forex No Repaint indicator Best MT4 Forex Trading Strategy


Forex LINES very high accurate trading system

No Repaint / No Guess work / Really good system

Forex LINES is 100% non repaint & high accurate price action based trading system. It's sure that you will really love to the system.  

System determines the long trend direction & you have to scalp with non repaint short term arrows only for the given direction. System will surely make pips for beginner to experienced trader. You can open trades based on simple color change. System is simple and really easy on trade execution and exit rules. 

  • No Trading Experience Required
  • High profit targets
  • No Guess Work
  • All Entry point / Stop Loss and Take Profit levels provide automatically
  • 100% plug and play software
  • Designed for all type of traders - No Experience need
  • Compatible with MT4 Build 600+
  • ECN Support
  • Any Currency Pair / indices /commodities
  • No Dependency with Brokers
  • Unlimited Licenses MT4 account installation

Product details
  • Platform > MetaTrader 4 
  • Language > English
  • Time Frame > Any Time Frame
  • Trading Time > Any time
  • Currency pairs > Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes
  • Package includes > Indicators | Templates  | Trading Guide

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Super Win Strategy

Super Win Forex Trading Strategy

Final Swing Trading System
Trend Following with Price Action

Super Win Strategy is a trend follow trading system with the support of price action. The purpose of this strategy is to trade in the direction of the trend but also with the price action filter, so the system is only suitable for high time frames. This strategy is based on many custom MT4, trend, volatility, strength indicators possibly filtered by Super Dem. It is recommended to trade strong currencies against weak ones as indicated by the strength indicator.

Strategy Setup
Time frame h1 or higher.
Currency pairs any, (including crypto, stock indices and commodities).

Trading rules
Find the currency pair

Support zones below the price,
Big arrow of envelope.
Re-enter with small up arrow.

Resistance zone above the price
Sell arrow of envelope
re-enter with small down arrow.

I recommend entering a maximum of twice in the same direction.

Exit position

Place initial stop loss below/above the envelope line zone.

Make profit when big arrow changes direction, before of the next resistance or support zone or ratio stop loss 1:1.3.

This is a winning system that provides robust signals.

Examples of trades.