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Forex LINES 100% Forex No Repaint indicator Best MT4 Forex Trading Strategy


Forex LINES very high accurate trading system

No Repaint / No Guess work / Really good system

Forex LINES is 100% non repaint & high accurate price action based trading system. It's sure that you will really love to the system.  

System determines the long trend direction & you have to scalp with non repaint short term arrows only for the given direction. System will surely make pips for beginner to experienced trader. You can open trades based on simple color change. System is simple and really easy on trade execution and exit rules. 

  • No Trading Experience Required
  • High profit targets
  • No Guess Work
  • All Entry point / Stop Loss and Take Profit levels provide automatically
  • 100% plug and play software
  • Designed for all type of traders - No Experience need
  • Compatible with MT4 Build 600+
  • ECN Support
  • Any Currency Pair / indices /commodities
  • No Dependency with Brokers
  • Unlimited Licenses MT4 account installation

Product details
  • Platform > MetaTrader 4 
  • Language > English
  • Time Frame > Any Time Frame
  • Trading Time > Any time
  • Currency pairs > Any pairs | Recommended major pairs + indexes
  • Package includes > Indicators | Templates  | Trading Guide

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Sunday, October 9, 2022


Super Win Strategy

Super Win Forex Trading Strategy

Final Swing Trading System
Trend Following with Price Action

Super Win Strategy is a trend follow trading system with the support of price action. The purpose of this strategy is to trade in the direction of the trend but also with the price action filter, so the system is only suitable for high time frames. This strategy is based on many custom MT4, trend, volatility, strength indicators possibly filtered by Super Dem. It is recommended to trade strong currencies against weak ones as indicated by the strength indicator.

Strategy Setup
Time frame h1 or higher.
Currency pairs any, (including crypto, stock indices and commodities).

Trading rules
Find the currency pair

Support zones below the price,
Big arrow of envelope.
Re-enter with small up arrow.

Resistance zone above the price
Sell arrow of envelope
re-enter with small down arrow.

I recommend entering a maximum of twice in the same direction.

Exit position

Place initial stop loss below/above the envelope line zone.

Make profit when big arrow changes direction, before of the next resistance or support zone or ratio stop loss 1:1.3.

This is a winning system that provides robust signals.

Examples of trades.

Friday, September 30, 2022


1 Minute Gold Forex Scalping Strategy

2-strategy - Gold-scalping

The second strategy is for those who love trading gold and want to learn how to scalp the precious metal. Keep in mind that it requires your full attention to the chart.

Key elements:

  • Timeframes: M1
  • Assets: gold, silver
  • Indicators: Williams’ Percent Range: Fast (9) and Slow (54) With -30 and -70 periods

Algorithm of a “buy” scenario

You need to buy when both slow and fast oscillators break above -30. Close your position when the fast oscillator (9) leaves the zone. Stop loss goes several pips below the support level nearby.

Algorithm of a “sell” scenario

When you consider opening a short position, you need to sell when both slow and fast oscillators break below -70 and close when fast leaves the zone. Stop loss is placed several pips above the resistance level nearby.

Below you can see an example of long order. We opened a position when both slow and fast oscillators were above the -30 level at 1 946.12 and closed at 1 948.67 when the fast oscillator crossed the -30 level to the downside. The 1 945 level marks our stop loss.

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FX Eagle Dashboard Forex System- Trading Signals For Every Day Proļ¬ts

 FX Eagle is a brand new trading software that can bring amazing forex profits every day.

It combines the best trend trading dashboard with the best trading signals to make the most out of the forex market every day!

Once you employ FX Eagle, you will realize the stability and reliability it brings to your daily trading PLUS you will see how powerful it is in helping you to profit.

Signals produced by the system are very easy to read, completely non-discretionary and 100% devoid of the repaint phenomenon.

We have spent a considerable amount of time researching, developing and optimizing FX Eagle. Your success at speculation and first successful transactions can become reality in just a bit over ten minutes!

Let me explain in detail how the software really works…

FX Eagle Dashboard:

The FX Eagle Dashboard is the core of the system. It will show you the currency pairs that will bring you the most profit. It’s an advanced trend analyzer that measures the most profitable trend across multiple timeframe’s using a secret formula.

Video Tutorial:

It shows you the name of the currency pair and the best possible trend. Blue for buy only trades (ignore sell trades), Red for sell only trades (ignore buy trades) and finally Neutral (stay aside).

It updates the trend in real-time for all timeframe’s. In order to open a chart, just double click with your mouse inside the small currency pair rectangle and the chart will load instantly.

FX Eagle Signal Indicator & Trading Rules:

We have developed an accurate forex signals indicator that works together with the dashboard indicator.

The trading rules are very simple, even for absolute beginners.

A buy signal occurs when the FX Eagle Dashboard is colored BLUE and the FX Eagle Signal Arrow is colored BLUE as well.

A sell signal occurs when the FX Eagle Dashboard is colored RED and the FX Eagle Signal Arrow is colored RED as well.

In case the FX Eagle Dashboard is colored GRAY, just don’t touch the currency pair.

Download Now

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Sunday, May 22, 2022


Free download PZ Head and Shoulders indicator Mt4 Signals

 PZ Head and shoulders Indicator Mt4 Signals finder

The Head and shoulders pattern is a chart pattern that looks like a foundation with three peaks, the outside two of which are near in height and the center peak being the highest. It is recognized to be one of the most reliable trend reversal patterns, predicting a bullish-to-bearish trend reversal. It's one of the early recognition patterns that can indicate a trend's end with variable levels of reliability.

Finder for the Head and Shoulders Trading Indicator relies solely on price action to find trading opportunities in a Zig-Zag pattern, without repainting or back painting, and reacts to the market very quickly. It supports every indicator notifications.

Version: 2.0.

Terminal: MT4.

Timeframe: H1, H4, Daily.

Trading Time: Around the clock.


How do I get the Head and Shoulders indicator and install it?

Just simply follow these procedures to install the indicator on your Metatrader 4 platform:

  • Click the "Download" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Save the file on your windows computer.
  • Extract the files and place them in the MetaTrader4 software file directory's MT4>Indicator folder.
  • Your MetaTrader4 platform must be restarted.
  • In your mt4 application, go to "Indicators."
  • Then apply the "Head and Shoulders Finder" template to the chart.

Head and Shoulders indicator strategy   

Entry Signal: In a live chat with a head and shoulder pattern, the Head and Shoulders indicator analyzes and generates a buy signal or sell signal.

Stop loss: As a stop-loss position, choose the middle or peak level of the head.

Take profit: Place target profit double of stop-loss as a risk-reward ratio.

Free Download

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Link 2:

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


EMA Crossover Trading Strategy


1. Go to the previous daily candle and Draw 3 horizontal lines:

-          High

-          Low

-          Mid


2.a If the current price action is below the 50% M (Mid Range) of the previous days candle then our bias is bearish

2.b If the current price action is over the 50% M (Mid Range) of the previous days candle then our bias is bullish 



Intra Day - 35 to 50 Pips

Swing - The previous daily candles` High/Low


2.a Our entry is defined by:

-          A Green arrow signaling an EMA cross /Entry Recommendation/

-          A Whole candle closes above the 5 EMA (White) /Entry Confirmation/

2.b Our exit is defined by:

-          A Red arrow signaling an EMA cross /Exit Recommendation/

-          A Whole candle closes below 20 EMA (Green) /Exit Confirmation/



3.a Our entry is defined by:

-          A Red arrow signaling an EMA cross /Entry Recommendation/

-          A Whole candle closes below 5 EMA (White) /Entry Confirmation/

      3.b Our exit is defined by:

-          A Green arrow signaling an EMA cross /Exit Recommendation/

-          A Whole candle closes above 20 EMA (Green) /Exit Confirmation/




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