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Sniper Forex V2 Trading System

Sniper Forex V2 Trading System description

While signals are generated 24/5, the system has been found to be most effective on the 1hr GBP/USD. It is in your best interests to only trade a currency during the markets within which it has most relevance, so the GBP/USD should only really be traded during the London and New York sessions and NOT during the Asian session. The same goes for the EUR/USD, USD/CHF and the EUR/GBP. Use your common sense to work out during which two markets it is best to trade your favourite currency.

You can modify the settings of the “Sniper” indicator to get more trades and shorter holding times, or less trades and longer holding times. Right click on the indicator on your chart, then click “properties”, “inputs” then double click the number next to “Sniper Period”. If you increase this number you will get less potential trades and longer holding times. If you decrease this number you will get more potential trades and shorter holding times. Suggested values for the system are between 11-34. Consistent trading over a long period of time has shown 30,the default setting, to be the most profitable.

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