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Trading made possible with EsikeA+++

Trading made possible with EsikeA+++ is a very simple, robust, effective and trend following system with confirmations and enhancements to ensure and increase the profitability.

This trading system is high performing system and focus on trend identification and how to join the trend after a pullback - the best way to make money in the markets and being the lowest risk and highest probability trades of all.

The 3 main components/structures:

1. 5ema - main chart.

2. Welles WeldersDMI - window 1.

3. TrendMirror - window 2.

The Entrance:

1. 5ema - the trigger: - Main chart:

- Arrow - 5 ema with a 2 shift.

2. DMI: - Window 1

i.) DMI's crossing.
ii.) ADX must be above one of the DMI's.
iii.) ADXr must be above 20 level.

DMI Color:

1. Red line: DMI - (sell).
2. Green line: DMI+ (buy).
3. Red dotted line: ADX.
4. Yellow line: ADXr.

3. TrendMirror: - Window 2:

i.) M15 Level 1 Entry = The Price To Open (1440) color must be established first, and then the ASH change to match it - Basic entry.

ii.) M15 Level 2 Entry = Both the Price To Open (1440) and the ASH color must be established first and be in agreement and then the M15 candle color changes to match them. The continuation candle MUST be the candle immediately following the retrace candle - Advance entry.

4. WUKAR News: - Window 3:

News mirror.

Trading Pairs:

I trade EURUSD and GBPUSD, but it will work on any pairs.


I use M5, M15 & H1 TF's, but it will work in any TF.

My Charts:

I use 7 charts:

i.) Chart with data and News - load with EsikeCalender.tpl.
ii.) H1 EURUSD chart - signal/direction.
iii.) H1 GBPUSD chart - signal/direction.
iv.) M15 EURUSD chart - entry.
v.) M15 GBPUSD chart - entry.
vi.) M5 EURUSD chart - pin-point entry.
vii.) M5 GBPUSD chart - pin-point entry.

Trading Hours:

London open to London close - ( target/focus hours: 1st 3 hours of London open and 1st 3 hours of NY open).

Trading Rules:

1. No trading H1 before Red news and M30 after Red news.
2. Only 1 trade per hour per pair.
3. Always take a look at the 10ema dashboard, Strength and Ichimoku status before taking your trade.
4. Always go by the way of the DPP and the 2 MA's - price above =buy / price below =sell.
5. Use Fibonacci Retracement and do not take the signals which are beyond 78.6.
6. Make PDF & BCC your guide.

Money/Trade Management:

1. MM =2%.
2. TP = 30pips.
3. SL = 15pips.
4. BE/Lock-in-pips = 15pips.
5. Daily Target = 30pips.
6. Stop trading after reaching daily target.
7. Stop trading after 3 consecutive losses.

When not to trade:

1. When ADX is below both DMI lines or ADXr is below 20 level.

2. When the shadow/wick of candle is bigger than candle body of that candle that cross the 5ema.

3. When we see "Porcupine" candles.

4. When we see Support/Resistance Ahead.


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EsikeA+++ is an excellent choice for those looking for leadership management assignment help. It has a comprehensive strategy to identify and enter the trend, while still reducing the risks of trading. The system is simple, robust and effective, and provides confirmations and enhancements to help increase profits. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for help with their assignment.

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