Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Falling Knives

What if everything you've been told about market, is wrong?

Is that the reason that so many people fail?

Really...Look at it. By old stats, there are 2000 new people to market daily and you can guess by the constantly changing head count at FF and other forums, that about the same amount are punted out of market daily. Why?

Is it really that tough?

Seems like it, hey?

So, let's have a look at the Market Cliche's and break a few rules. Just because, well...why the fuck not?

Throughout the next month, I am going to be testing and allowing others to test all by going against market grain, to see if we can figure out if everything that you hear tell about market is complete bullshit.

What I am working with is.
1. Grids that Cost Average.
2. Adding to Losing positions.
3. Catching Falling Knives (AKA going against the trend)
4. Pyramiding - increasing the number of positions in favor of the loser.
5. Un-restrained grid sizing and number of positions.
6. Minimum profit range.
7. Hedging - trading both long and short at the same time.
8. No Stop-Loss!

Really, just taking the absolute worst ideas of market, throwing them all into an automated trader and letting them run free. At the same time, I am providing a Play along at Home version, for free, limited by the number of options as well as how long it will actually work. The EA provided will only take trades until the 29th of February, 2016 and after that, will completely stop working. Use this as a word of caution!!

Should you be working with this on your live, real money account?
But that doesn't mean you can't nor won', do whatever you want.

The template provided gives an idea as to how this bitch will trade. The setting(s) in the EA are restricted to default buy and sell as well as a "Delay". The Delay should match your chart by way of time. Currently it is set to 900, as in 900 seconds or 15 minutes. At default, it is set to work on an M15 chart and for the time it has been testing, hasn't been doing terrible. I have changed a couple of settings in my copy from the original start, but have since changed mine to match the version released.

Check it out -> HERE. 

What time frame should you run it on?
That is your choice, just try and get the settings on the time to at least match the time frame traded to avoid multiple trades inside of a single market period. However, if you are working with an M1 chart and you want to delay trades to 5 minutes...go for it! Set the Delay=300 and you are off to the races.

I will caution you...This EA is aggressive as Fuck!
Not for the faint of heart nor a weak CPU. When it gets running, it can massive load on multiple pairs as many times as has to to try and make profit...this can be a little taxing.

Please try and gain a sense of this before hitting your hard earned money account with it.

Get to know the time frames and the logic.

I'll be around...ask questions.


IF you post a single BACKTEST report, it will be your very last post here!

That shit ain't allowed!

PS - I am testing AUD cross pairs...I definitely do not encourage you to try fly with any of these...

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