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GET FREE !!! Traders-Secret-Library V5 Pinkflint System

Traders-Secret-Library V5 Pinkflint System Free Download

By David Neil

How did you come up with the system you have traded during the competition?
I came up with the system through trial and error, and loads of research.
Does your system use any custom indicators?
Yes, I use the Directional Index (ADX), this is standard in the MT4 platform, Fibo pivot points, and a trend line indicator called sf_trend_lines.
Is the trading system you are using unique?
Yes, I put it together from different methods I have used over the years.
Does your system use multiple timeframes?
Yes, i use only the 15 minute chart and the 1 minute chart.
During what hours are you actively trading this system and why?
I will trade the London and New York sessions, and when news comes out during Asian session.
Do you follow a set number of rules on each and every trade or does it vary?
There are steps that I f ollow when trading, but it’s discretionary.
How would you describe your trading system in just a few sentences?
I straddle the market 5 minutes before a news release. I place a pending buy and a pending stop order 20 pips away from where the market is trading. When the news comes out, the price will either go up or down, and one of the pending orders will be taken in. I then exit the trade for a profit.
Do you enter trades using market orders and/or pending orders?
I use both types of orders.

Content :

Pinkflint’s Profile
Trader Bio
System Description
Setting Up Your Charts
How to Setup Your Charts  ….
Properties, Colors Tab
Common Tab

Indicators & Settings

1. Average Directional Index (ADX 14)
2. Exponential Moving Average 14 (EMA 14)
3. Exponential Moving Average 21 (EMA 21)
4. Exponential Moving Average 40 (EMA 40)
5. Trendline Indicator (sf_trend_line)
6. Fractals or Swing High/Low
7. Fibonacci Pivot Points

Buy/Long Trade Rules

News Straddle Approach
Normal Scalping Approach For Buy Trades
Buy/Long Trade Examples
Buy/Long Example 1
Buy/Long Example 2
Sell/Short Trade Rules
Normal Scalping Approach For Buy Trades
Sell/Short Trade Examples
Sell/Short Example 1
Sell/Short Example 2


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