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Web Crossover Forex Trading System

The Story behind Web Crossover Forex Trading System
It took us 6 years to find this best trading setup after using various free and paid version of Forex Trading System from few web and Forum.
Not satisfying with all FX trading system, we decided to modify, adapted, added and combine the indicators to suit our trading environment.
Finally, now you can see the latest version of Web Crossover System. It can give an early signal and it has the ability to filter out some bad signal (if not all).
We do hope Web Crossover Forex Trading System can help you catch some good pips. Together we make hundreds of pips weekly and monthly.
Beware in Lower Time Frame…
We strongly suggest that you use higher timeframe when trading Forex AT LEAST AT 30 MIN TIME FRAME. There will be a lot of whipsaw when using a lower time frame like 5 min and 15 min.
Follow the main trend Indicator; if bullish (Green) wait for the long signal, if bear (Red) wait for the short signal.
Know Your Risk
When you do start trading with real money then you need to consider your risk very carefully.
As any good trader knows: The #1 rule of trading is capital preservation – once money is in your trading account it ceases to become money; it is now a tool.
There has been a lot written on risk, or money management as it is often called, but it’s actually very simple.
If you have a solid trading method, and are making it work for you, then all you have to do is use a low-risk percentage per trade.
A good guide is 2 or 3 percent on any single trade; this is not conservative – it is typical.

Learn to Trade
I highly recommend that you trade on demo with this method before you subject your real cash to the risks of the market.
Like I have said previously, it will take a little time to get to grips with this method, but I guarantee it won’t take as long you think before you really start getting a feel for it!
If you must trade with real money, and I have to admit that in my experience this works better for some traders, then use a small amount of capital initially.
You’ve invested in this system because you’re taking your trading seriously, right? Well you must take your money seriously as well – respect it!
Web Crossover System Indicators
This version 4.0 contains the following indicators:
1. #Web_Cross
2. #Web_Breakout
Web Crossover System Template
This only suggests you to trade in the higher Time Frame like 1hour. The lowest suggested time frame is 30 minutes. This is because we want to avoid a lot of whipsaw in the Forex market.
The function of Two indicators:
1. #Web_Cross
– detect Bull and Bear Market and showing candle/bar Status
2. #Web_Breakout
– detect Profit Maximize Point

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