Thursday, February 11, 2016


TMS for M30 charts

Trading is part of my life and TDI indicator and APB are the main parts of my trading style. I appreciated lots of traders from Trading Made Simple thread where it made me become who I am today.
As per title stated I use 30 minutes chart to enter and exit my fx trades ( I do check other time frames (M15 H1 H4) before taking my trades just to see any conflicts/facing S/R etc,. Sound straight forward doesn't it? No, why? Because things happen in between entry and exit that make it not so straight and that is still a learning curve to a lot of traders and myself
I will post my trades here for sharing and discussing purposes. Please do not follow them without doing your due diligence. I take no responsibilities for any losses that may occur at your end.
One of my favorite set ups is divergence (if you knew me from the orginal TMS thread).

Rules: TDI green crossed red off S/R, trade away from Daily Open Line (DOL), 200 EMA, and weekly S/R

My trading time: Frankfurt Open(FO), London Open (LO), New York open (NY)

English is not my first language so I will try to explain by showing it on my charts if needed.

I will try to post my trades as early as possible after I entered them if I have time to do so. Managing trades is still my hardest part where I need to master it, no where I need to master my emotion

Here is one of my trades that TDI green crossed red with a decent size APB confirmed half an hour after London Open where price bounced off DOL, 200EMA & 50MA

As I am a active trader I might not be available here all the time. I also might not have all answer to all queries, and the purposes of this thread is to share and discuss so please assist one another and important thing is be helpful and stay positive even when your account is not positive on the day, we all have positive and negative days, so deal with it in a appropriate manner by taking our own responsibilities and not blaming the market nor others.

Happy trading!
PS: updated templates is attached (for light background). If you need more indies than the below, they can be found on top right hand corner of this thread.
This is an advance system for those who knows the basis PA. If you are new to FX, please give yourself time to study the basis first on babypips then come back here to join us and learn more.

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