Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The GPS Forex Robot is not a SCAM! An Honest Review!!

GPS Forex Robot Official Website: Click Here

GPS Forex Robot Review. As you can already tell based on the title of this article, we have no reason to believe that the GPS Forex Robot is a scam and we have facts to support it. Of course, not before we give them some constructive criticism! Honestly, we don’t like your pitch page video, it sounds terrible, the voice-over actor sounds exactly the same as most voice-over actors sound, extremely shady! There’s no reason to try to pressure members into signing-up with your software by lying about the number of memberships left. Obviously you guys are not closing down anytime soon and unfortunately this type of tactic might deter serious online traders who are looking for a decent Forex Robot.

So why did we come to the conclusion that the GPS Forex Robot is not a scam?

We see products and services come and go, but reputation is something that takes years to build. It’s fragile and it can be destroyed within minutes if you’re out there to scam online traders. The GPS Forex Robot by Mark Larsen, a true Forex mentor, has been around since 2006, around the time the binary options industry was born. Traders have been documenting the ITM accuracy rate for years on Check-out what we mean by real verified results: 

Mark Larsen is a known mentor in the Forex Industry, not a actor you can be sure and the guys who are associated with the creation of this robot, are Anthony and Ronald, the same guys who came out with the new Gold Digger binary options software, a software we reviewed on and so far we are getting some good feedback, even though it’s still too early to reach a conclusion.

If you are not familiar with, you should know that it’s one of the biggest Forex portals in the world, they’ve been around for over 10 years. They offer live charts, forums and un-biased reviews, mainly associated with Forex brokers and systems. We studied the website carefully and it doesn’t look like they are promoting any scams on this portal. The GPSForexRobot does not require a broker registration and you can purchase it with a one-time fee of $149.00. It’s relatively cheap considering the yearly documented performance, and you are not required to deposit $100’s or $1000’s of dollars in order to trade with this software. It’s user-friendly and suitable for beginner and savvy traders. If you are not happy? They offer a 60 days money back guaranteed.

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Live Q&A we found on a YouTube Review related to the GPS Forex Robot

Test the GPSForexRobot software (GPS Forex Robot 3)

Blogs and forums that are positively endorsing the GPS Forex Robot include:,, we also found some other blogs but the ones we listed have authority and offer credible information.

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I just got done with a webinar with Mark and his partner, Antony, two days ago and it was GREAT.

During the webinar Mark and Antony shared their secrets to success and answered questions about their new release of the GPS Forex Robot that is coming out TODAY!

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